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Inkscape 1.1.1 Best Linux Graphic editor Released

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In the new version, the “Line-to-Path” function has been improved so that it works again on text and the ID of an object is no longer lost when undoing. The Object-to-Path feature has been improved so that it acts on an object with a live path effect when undone without undoing the previous action. In addition, the screen has been improved so that it no longer blurs when the window is moved from a HiDPI display to a non-HiDPI display.

Inkscape 1.1.1 Best Linux Graphic editor Released

Various small changes have been made to the Text and Font, Transform and Welcome dialogs, a click on the separator for the size change now switches the visibility of the docked dialog, some unnecessary terminal warnings about unused optional font directories have been removed, and it is now possible to click and select objects in various window managers such as Wmii (Window Manager Improved).

Wine 6.18 and Wine staging 6.18 released

Inkscape 1.1.1 now provides transparency support when using the Fill & Transparency, Fast Cropping filter, fixes a bug in start / end markers that caused the path tip to protrude past the end of the arrow marker, and improves the tool Measure to prevent measurements from being reset when you right-click or change tools, and to reactivate the settings for font size and accuracy.

Inkscape 1.1.1 also fixes the “Save As, Optimized SVG” function in the AppImage and the ability to open EPS files when Inkscape is used in Snap format. Of course, various translations have been updated, memory leaks have been fixed and some crashes and build problems have been fixed.

Inkscape is available in installation various formats for .


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