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Jolla Sailfish OS uses AppSupport for Linux

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An article on, which can also be found on the Jolla homepage under News, reports that Jolla has reached profitability in the 2020 financial year after 10 years. I do not know whether there are still claims from the crowdfunding campaign for the tablet and whether these will now be settled.

Opinion: Whether such claims are legally justified may be another matter, but one’s own reputation and moral claim beyond the requirements of national and international legislation should be worth something to owners and company management.

AppSupport for Linux

In the meantime, Jolla has discovered a new business model: under the name AppSupport for Linux , Jolla would like to give automobile manufacturers who rely on their own Linux-based car operating system, in line with the motto data is the new oil, an opportunity to Android optimally connect their customers’ devices.

This is likely to be a further exploitation of the technology presented at the Mobile World Congress in 2011 Alien Dalvik , which was originally developed by the Swiss software company Myriad and offered for the first time on the Nokia N900 .

In the above article, the founder and CEO of Jolla, Sami Pienimäki, states that there are positive vibes in the automotive environment and that Jolla is applying for a new financing round for 20 million euros.

Linux on The Framework Laptop

Apple and alphabet in front

We are experiencing a battle of the giants for the data of the vehicles and the users. Apple and Alphabet (Google) are well-equipped in this confrontation with the greats of the automotive industry, because they are at the switching points for the services that users want to use from the vehicles and have made good progress with vehicle integration. In some cases, Alphabet has already made its way into the vehicles of manufacturers who shy away from this dispute. It certainly makes a difference whether the head unit works with its own operating system or Android runs directly on it. In any case, the Linux kernel is almost always there.

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