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KaiOS 3.0 with the current Gecko 84.0 is distributed

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KaiOS is based on the code of Mozilla’s Firefox OS and the third major version has just been released. The success of KaiOS shows how much Mozilla had backed the wrong horse with Firefox OS. Kai OS Technologies from Hong Kong did not concentrate the development of the operating system on smartphones or TV sets, but on the promising category of feature phones.

No touch screen

These are cell phones that have the features of a smartphone but do not have a touch screen. They usually offer 3G, 4G, NFC, GPS and WiFi. The pre-installed applications are based on HTML5. The devices are content with 256 MB RAM and the lack of a touchscreen means that the battery lasts much longer than that of smartphones. These devices are popular in developing and emerging countries. The list of supported devices included 46 devices as of January.


Kai OS Technologies could so far over 150 MIO. Selling units in around 150 countries. In contrast to earlier representatives of this category, such as the Nokia 130, devices equipped with KaiOS receive over-the-air updates. A separate app store offers applications especially for KaiOS, apps for Android can be ported.

KaiOS 3.0, in cooperation with Mozilla, has now made the jump from Gecko Engine 48 from 2016 to version 84 from December 2020. This is accompanied by a current JavaScript based on the ECMAScript 2021 published in June as well as support for progressive web apps (PWA ), WebRender, WebAssembly, WebRTC and WebAudio, Quantum CSS, WebGL 2.0 and WebP. The encryption protocols TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have been dropped in favor of TLS 1.2 and 1.3. The geolocation API now follows the standards of the W3C.

With the fresh engine, KaiOS is making a big leap into the present and may also be of interest to local users who want a cheap, modern technology-supporting mobile phone that only needs to be charged once a week instead of daily.

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