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KaOS 2021.08 Download, Updated With a New Look

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KaOS 2021.08 Download .iso, Updated with a New Look, The August edition of the KDE-focused rolling release distribution KaOS has a different look. The Midna theme has been revised, it now offers a uniform look for SDDM and lockscreen with a darker transparent sidebar, a cleaner splash screen and a darker logout look. Furthermore, the main menu has been changed from the cascading menu used previously to the Application Launcher, which was new with Plasma 5.22.

KaOS 2021.08 Current plasma desktop

The current version of KDE Plasma is the only desktop offered by KaOS. For KaOS 2021.08, this means Plasma 5.22.4, KDE Gear 21.08 and Frameworks 5.85.0. The packages are built from scratch at KaOS, since KaOS is not based on any other distribution. Arch Linux only takes over the package manager. The packages for KaOS 2021.08 were built with Qt 5.15.2+, although Qt 5.15 no longer receives updates from the manufacturer Qt-Company. The fact that KaOS can still use newer versions is thanks to the initiative of KDE, who, together with Qt Company, created a patch set to enable KDE to transition smoothly to Qt 6.

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KaOS 2021.08 Calamares installer upgraded

Other current ingredients for KaOS 2021.08 include Kernel 5.13.11, Systemd 249.3, Curl 7.78.0, iNet Wireless Daemon 1.16, NetworkManager 1.32.8, Mesa 21.1.7 and Vulkan 1.2.187. KaOS is actively involved in the development of the Calamares installer framework. In the new edition, the installer adopts the network settings of the live system for WLAN, which means that they do not have to be entered again after the installation. There is also now an option to choose the file system between Xfs and Ext4 when using automatic partitioning. Manual partitioning also offers additional file systems.

KaOS 2021.08 Download .iso :

KaOS-2021.08-x86_64.iso (2,573MB)

KaOS 2021.08 screenshot :

KaOS 2021.08 screenshot


  1. Hi nice distro, I want test it on gnome boxes in manjaro, there is any possibility to use Kaos with it but I don’t find any solution for install spice vdagent.
    do you know how do it?

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