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Kasts, The KDE Podcast App

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Plasma Mobile 21.07 is the new version of the KDE proposal for mobile devices and … it has nothing to do with what the project has us used to on the desktop, as is understandable on the other hand: it just brings a handful of news that will only interest to anyone who has a terminal with this system, which is far from being fully useful.

However, the most curious things are developed around Plasma Mobile, as is the case with Kasts, the KDE podcast application , one that is green, but that is, which is not little … although it seems to be outside the desktop and relegate to the mobile system. Why this happens I do not know, but it is not even in the KDE neon repositories …

Kasts receives is, however, the application that the most attention in the Plasma Mobile 21.07 compendium, with interesting new features such as integration with the Discover software store to search for programs through the Podcast Index. But do not look for this on the desktop, because as I say it is not there, although Kasts can be installed without problem.

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What does Kasts offer? The basics you can expect from an application of its category: it allows you to subscribe to programs through links or with the complete integrated Podcast Index search, import and export subscriptions, save the playback time between sessions, speed up or slow down the playback speed … And play the programs, of course, but only once downloaded, not on the fly, a sample of that green state that I have attributed.

The Kasts interface is equally basic and is based on Kirigami, the framework for developing responsive applications that are used by practically all those created for Plasma Mobile, but also for the desktop, although you will not see them beyond Nitrux. It is a bit rough and has inconsistencies, but presumably it will be polished and, as with on-the-fly playback and other missing features, they will come later.

Would you like to try Kasts? You can install it in format Flatpak from Flathub .

For the rest, we continue as a couple of years ago: the best podcast applications for Linux are still the proprietary ones and who knows if we will soon have a surprise with Pocke Casts ; but also with notable efforts such as GNOME Podcasts or projects that leave you with a bittersweet taste, such as the different Electron-based podcast managers / players.

Personally, I am more of all-in-one applications such as Amarok, Cantata and the like, but since now that has been postponed to potential killers of the idiosyncrasy of the podcast such as Spotify, Amazon and co …

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