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KDE Connect: the best integration with Android comes to Windows

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KDE Connect is one of the most interesting KDE applications. Its comfortable and usable possibilities have encouraged porting it to GNOME with GSConnect and has even arrived macOS . Two years after arriving on Apple’s desktop system, we recently echoed the existence of a beta version of the application for Windows .

That KDE applications reach Windows has not been strange for a long time, since, for example, Kdenlive is widely used by users of the Microsoft operating system, which have installers that can be downloaded from the official website of the project. Seeing that it is not surprising that the KDE spectrum enters a “heretical” terrain like Windows, let’s focus on the version of KDE Connect for that system.

KDE Connect is a remote control application that integrates with the computer via Wi-Fi . It supports features such as file transfer, multimedia application control, clipboard sharing, and provides a virtual keyboard and touchpad so that the user can interact with the desktop system, as well as others with integration possibilities.

KDE Connect for Windows is not only an attempt to look good in the gallery, but has become a tough competitor for Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ application by incorporating the following features :

  • Shared clipboard to copy and paste between devices
  • Browse the file system remotely
  • Remote input: Use the phone screen as the computer touch panel
  • Notification sync to manage Android notifications from the desktop
  • Automatically pause or mute all media playing media when a call comes in
  • URL / file sharing, being able to transfer and share any URL
  • Multimedia remote control, allowing the phone to be used as a remote control for multimedia players
  • Remote control for presentations, allowing control of presentations (along with a pointer) using only the phone
  • End-to-end TLS encryption to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted data
  • Connection via Wi-Fi
  • Execute custom orders on the desktop remotely
  • Ability to ring the phone and find it quickly in case of loss
  • Control desktop playback devices
  • Read phone battery and signal strength on desktop

As we can see, KDE Connect for Windows is ready to be a true remote control solution and integration of the phone with the desktop system, being able to pause the multimedia playback when a call is received that, obviously, makes the user lose focus on the video or music to focus on the call. The application can be obtained, still in beta, from the official Microsoft store .

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