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KDE Gear 21.08 Update Available, More and Better Improvements to KDE Apps

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This time I am punctual as a Swiss watch. In this way, I inform you that on this hot August afternoon the KDE Community has announced that KDE Gear 21.08 is now available, the great update of its applications that has a quarterly periodicity.

On this occasion, it will be because of the holidays and the video announcement of Dolphin and Elisa, the news of the has not passed me launch of KDE Gear 21.08 , the new nomenclature that receives the great update of the Community application set KDE that they decide to publish every 4 months and that is usually a blog classic.

KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08: An ad for Elisa, KDE’s simple and fancy music player from kde
Available KDE Gear 21.08, more and better

In this way, and given that the developers have written an excellent introduction to KDE Gear, I have allowed myself the luxury of sharing it with you, but not before inviting you to read the entire article where the entire launch is explained with hairs and signals.

« We welcome you to KDE Gear ⚙️ 21.08!

KDE Gear 21.08 enhances KDE applications across the board, providing fast and fluid utilities, creativity programs with powerful features, and secure tools for all work and play needs.

If this is your first time with KDE software, you will discover a new world full of free and safe programs, full of incredible possibilities. If you are already a regular KDE user, take a look at all the recent innovations that have been added to your favourite applications.

Be that as it may, you go ahead and try new things. “

And this is all today, tomorrow I start the series to review the news of KDE Gear 21.08 in which we will see the improvements of Dolphin, Konsole, Gwenview, Elisa, Okular and a large number of other applications that will improve the experience of using the KDE applications.

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