KDE Plasma 5.23 features new effect and many Wayland fixes

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It’s been another busy week in KDE land, with seemingly endless improvements to the Plasma Wayland session, plus the introduction of some new features like a new Overview Effect. KDE developers remain very busy with the desktop as the end of summer approaches. Thus, KDE Plasma features new effect and many Wayland fixes

Advances made this week include:

  • A new QML-based overview effect has appeared. This new overview effect will replace the “Present windows” effect and possibly the desktop grid effect as well. This new effect similar to the macOS mission control overlay will come with KDE Plasma 5.23;
  • Support in KDE system settings to choose status of Bluetooth adapters at login whether they should be turned on, off, or in last state;
  • Fixing one of the ways to break the lock screen in Wayland;
  • Middle click and paste now works in Plasma’s Wayland section between the Wayland and XWayland apps;
  • The Plasma Wayland session now also supports text copying of notifications;
  • The DPI-based scaling in the Plasma Wayland session has been fixed. This regression fix will be in Plasma 5.23;
  • The Plasma Wayland session can now also show animated icon feedback to the cursor when launching apps;
  • A wide variety of fixes and other improvements.

KDE Plasma features new effect and many Wayland fixes

Now you can choose the status of your Bluetooth adapter at login: on, off or remember the state it was in the last time the system was rebooted (last option is the new default) (Plasma 5.23 ):

KDE Plasma features new effect and many Wayland fixes

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Spectacle once again takes screenshots with the correct resolution in a Wayland Plasma session using a fractional scaling factor such as 125% (Spectacle 21.08.1)

Fixed a regression in the way Breeze theme window decoration buttons were rendered in GTK CSD header bar windows (Plasma 5.22.5)

Ubuntu Based CutefishOS 0.4 Download and Test

System Monitor no longer fails to display IPv4 address information when IPv6 is disabled (Plasma 5.22.5)

Fixed one of the ways the lock screen could be broken in Wayland  (Plasma 5.23)

In the Plasma Wayland session, middle click and paste now works between native Wayland and XWayland apps! (Plasma 5.23)

In the Plasma Wayland session, copying text from notifications using any medium now works (Plasma 5.23)

In the Plasma Wayland session, DPI-based scaling once again works (Plasma 5.23)

In Plasma Wayland session, cursor now shows animated icon feedback when starting applications (Plasma 5.23)

Combobox popups in QtQuick apps now look correct in RTL languages ​​(Frameworks 5.86)

User interface improvements

You can now copy text from Plasma notifications with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C (Plasma 5.23)

Dragging windows now just snaps them to the edges of other windows that are on the same virtual desktop (Plasma 5.23)

You can now change the manual speed setting for wired Ethernet connections to more values ​​(Plasma 5.23)

The Global Menu applet now has a more menu-like appearance (Plasma 5.23)

The Media Player widget now always displays album art and its background blurred at the same time, even when album art is read in a slow location (Plasma 5.23)

The loading spinner has been unified in Plasma, KDE apps and the home screen and now looks like a spinning gear! (Plasma 5.23 and Frameworks 5.86)

The shadows for Plasma’s pop-ups, dialogs, OSDs and notifications have been made a little smoother, visually pleasing and more consistent with application window shadows (Frameworks 5.86):

See more about this week’s KDE development activity through  this blog post  by KDE developer Nate Graham.

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