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KDE Plasma 5.23 will improve power management and boot menu

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As every week, the KDE developer Nate Graham leaves us on his blog a complete report of the progress that the desktop and its respective tools are experiencing and, as happens from time to time, we have noticed a couple that are the most interesting and that users will not take long to enjoy, as they will arrive together with the next version of the desktop.

First we have a new feature power management that unfortunately not everyone will be able to enjoy, at least initially, but that promises to help manage battery life in a much easier way. As simple as using an application of the style of Slimbook Battery and the like: by choosing an energy profile that suits the circumstances.

So switching to a “power saving”, “balanced” or “best performance” profile will be as simple as opening the battery and brightness applet from the systray and choosing between one of these three preconfigured states, whose behavior can also be set depending on whether the equipment is connected to the mains or not. The following image shows how it works.

KDE Plasma Power Management
KDE Plasma Power Management

This feature “will be available in Plasma 5.23 with a newer computer that supports it when using Linux Kernel 5.12 or higher,” explains Graham. The second requirement is already available in recent computers from Dell and Lenovo, although it is ascribed in principle to the latest Intel processors that incorporate this possibility.

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Kickoff that Plasma 5.23

On these lines, the Kickoff that Plasma 5.21 introduced… What will change in Plasma 5.23? For example, it will include the option to show all the sections in grid mode, and not just the favorites section; and the lower strip can be configured in greater detail with the session and energy options, as well as iconizing the different actions to achieve a more minimal aesthetic finish.

In short, two small improvements among many that will make KDE Plasma 5.23 a more polished and comfortable desktop for the user. We will be able to test these and the rest of the news that it incorporates from next October, which is when the launch of this version is scheduled.


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