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Lakka 3.4 Available to Download

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Lakka 3.4 Available to Download, Lakka is a lightweight Linux distribution that transforms a small computer into a full blown game console. The project’s latest release is Lakka 3.4 and it updates RetroArch support, the Mesa package, DOS support, and popular console support.

New version of Lakka 3.4 has been released! We are happy to announce new and updated version of Lakka. Changes since version 3.3: RetroArch updated from 1.9.7 to 1.9.9; added core option categories; updated translations; general stability improvements to enhance the user experience. Cores updated to their most recent versions: new core: upstream Duckstation core (Sony Playstation); new core: PCSX2 (Sony Playstation 2), available only on 64-bit PC; new core: DOSBOX-pure (DOS); fixed Play! (Sony Playstation 2) and available on more platforms; fixed Vulkan support in PPSSPP (Sony Playstation Portable); Mesa updated to 21.2.1; Fixed display of CJK characters.” Further information can be found through the project’s release announcement. Lakka supports multiple hardware platforms, including many ARM boards, generic x86 computers, and the Nintendo Switch.

Download Lakka 3.4 :

Lakka-Generic.x86_64-3.4.img.gz (581MB, SHA256).

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