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Lakka Linux OS that Turns old PC into a “RetroGaming” Machine

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Linux has the ability to be adapted for any purpose. This means that we have the most varied distributions, which go beyond the typical ones for desktop and server that usually star in this portal. Hence, we have systems like Lakka , a lightweight Linux distribution aimed at turning a computer into a – console retro gaming .

Lakka, with its specific approach, aims to be a user-friendly system by being easy to configure and use; “Powerful” thanks to the fact that it is built on RetroArch , the well-known frontend multiplatform and free software for emulators, videogames, videogame engines and multimedia players; low cost thanks to the fact that it supports hardware such as Raspberry Pi and other similar mini-PCs: it has support for a large number of USB controllers; and it is an Open Source project (of course) directed by the community. It is based on LibreELEC , a distribution aimed at media centers with Kodi.

has recently appeared Lakka version 3.3 , which compared to the previous maintenance version, has updated RetroArch from version 1.9.5 to 1.9.7 , which has introduced optimized scanning of large data sets, added support for mapping multiple drivers to a single input device and improvements in the use of “analog to digital types”. The ability to enable MIDI sequencer support, Gamecon support, and on Raspberry Pi 4K modes have been disabled as well.

As we have already said, Lakka is capable of turning a computer into a console retro gaming with emulators. Apart from the typical x86 image, it supports Raspberry Pi 0 / W, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 4, I.MX6 Cubox-I, I.MX6 UDOO, I.MX6 Wandboard, Odroid XU3 / 4, Allwinner, Amlogic, Rockchip, Odroid Go Advance, Ambernic RG351P / M, Ambernic RG351V, and Nintendo Switch. At the level of video game consoles or platforms, it is capable of emulating the old Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive (Sega Genesis in the North American market), PlayStation, Arcade games and much more thanks to RetroArch.

Those interested in giving Lakka 3.3 a try can get it from the corresponding section on the project website , where resources are made available to build the installation media from Linux, Windows, and macOS. Shall we race Super Mario Kart or smash crocodiles in Donkey Kong Country?

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