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LibreOffice 8.0 New tabbed interface layout available

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Muttakin Rizal ( Rizal Muttaqin ), one of the designers LibreOffice office suite, has published in his blog, the user interface possible development plan LibreOffice 8.0. The most notable innovation is the built-in support for tabs, through which you can quickly switch between different documents, similar to how switching between sites is carried out in modern browsers.

If necessary, each tab can be unpinned in the form of a separate window, or vice versa, convert the window into a tab. It is also possible to collapse all tabs into a drop-down list accessible by pressing the “^” button. The header also shows a LibreOffice button to launch the initial interface, which was previously shown when starting or closing all documents, to open a file, visually evaluate recently opened documents, or create a new document based on a template.

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Instead of the classic menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc.), there is a panel with basic commands such as print, as well as tabs for switching toolbars. All functions of the old menu bar have been moved to the drop-down menu displayed when a separate Menu button is pressed. The panel also offers a new search form that, in addition to document content, includes searching commands, comments, and the help system. In the upper right corner there is a button for quickly switching between design styles (that is, returning to classic / traditional / standard).

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