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Linux 5.14 is Coming…

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Linus Torvalds yesterday released Linux 5.14-rc7, probably the last candidate for Linux 5.14. Torvalds expects the stable release of the next kernel version next Sunday, unless serious events in the coming week prevent this.

According to Torvalds, however, these are not to be expected as everything is going smoothly and during the past week many of the discussions among the developers have already revolved around Linux 5.15. Its time window for submitting patches opens for two weeks after the release of Linux 5.14, before the cycle with Linux 5.15-rc1 starts all over again. Then it takes 6-10 weeks before a new kernel appears.

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What does Linux 5.14

As always, drivers do a large proportion of the commits to a new kernel. This includes support for Intel’s upcoming hybrid Alder Lake P CPUs for mobile devices as well as for the AMD GPUs Beige Goby and Yellow Carb . AMD graphics cards should then also support hot unplugging properly .

The Raspberry Pi 400 is supported, and the integration of USB 4 reports further progress. Ext4 gets a new option and the XFS code is cleaned up. Btrfs receives further performance tuning while the compatibility of exFAT is improved. F2FS is also experiencing improvements. More on Linux 5.14 a week from today.

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