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Linux 5.14 is picking up speed

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Linus Torvalds released Linux 5.14-rc2 last weekend. While Linux 5.14-rc1 was a fairly regular release without any major surprises, Linux 5.14-rc2 is terms of more extensive than expected and in the number of commits it is actually the largest RC of the entire 5th cycle to date.

Raspberry Pi 400 supported

Linux 5.14 brings a lot of newly supported ARM SoCs, which among other things also support for the Raspberry Pi 400 brings . The RISC-V platform supports transparent for memory Hugepages management as well as the introduced with Kernel 5.12 KFENCE (Kernel Electric Fence) , an error detector for the memory. VirtualBox users will be to see an improvement in the shared function of happy folders the VBOXSF driver.

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Lenovo: Adjust BIOS at runtime

Thanks to SUSE’s sound subsystem maintainer, the USB audio driver should be able to maintain with 5.14 lower latencies . USB also affect the improvements in support for USB4 and Thunderbolt . Lenovo keeps its promise to better support Linux by submitting the Think-LMI driver , which allows some BIOS settings to be made at runtime, just as Dell has with the since Linux 5.11 WMI Systems Management driver allowed . In addition, changes in the sections account for a Networking and Graphics good half of all submissions for RC2.

What’s New in GNOME 41 ! Coming Soon,,,

Improved NTFS3 driver

The missed the merge window again NTFS3 driver from Paragon . It made the first attempt at mainline recording about a year ago and has seen 26 more patches since then. Torvalds mentioned in a conversation a few days ago that the code had been praised by some developers, and Paragon could then send a pull request to have the driver mainline. Maybe that will work with Torvald’s approval for Linux 5.15. Depending on whether Linux 5.14 requires seven or eight RCs, the release is expected on August 29th or September 5th.

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