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Linux Kernel 5.14 supports Raspberry Pi 400

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As expected, Linus Torvalds Linux Kernel 5.14 yesterday, Sunday released . As always, the new kernel brings better hardware support. At 5.14, this includes full support for the Raspberry Pi 400 and support for the Rockchip RK3568 , a SoC with a 4-core ARM A55 CPU and Mali G52 2EE GPU. The two smartphones Sony Xperia 1, 1II and 5 as well as 5II receive initial support. Microsoft’s Android Phone Surface Duo with Qualcomm’s SM8150 (Snapdragon 855) SoC also receives better support.


The RISC-V architecture also receives important updates with Linux 5.14. This includes support for transparent Hugepages and for KFENCE, the detector with Kernel 5.12 error introduced , which ensures that kernels can be tested in productive operation with very little overhead. The virtualization driver VirtIO-IOMMU now also works on x86 Intel and AMD hardware , while it was actually designed for AArch64.

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In the graphics area, Linux 5.14 brings support for Intel’s upcoming hybrid Alder Lake P CPUs for mobile devices as well as for the AMD GPUs Beige Goby and Yellow Carb. AMD graphics cards will also be hot and unpluggable in the future, so they can be removed at runtime. This can be useful when using an external GPU or when returning a GPU from a virtual machine to the host. Microsoft developers have submitted a Hyper-V DRM driver that is now supported with 5.14. This DRM driver supports Microsoft’s Hyper-V for screen output in a virtualized environment and allows the use of kernel mode setting (KMS).

File systems / storage

A new function for Ext4 ensures that no information from the journal about deleted files with potentially sensitive file names is leaked. The tuning of Btrfs continues with 5.14. The compatibility of exFAT with some digital cameras has been improved. F2FS receives improved compression, especially under Android, where now also be mmap files can compressed. In addition, the function readonlyadded to compress the partition with compression enabled, which is useful for Android RO partitions.

Like the previous kernel, 5.14 brings improvements in the support of USB 4 and Thunderbolt . A new function that is particularly interesting for cloud providers is core scheduling in order to mitigate the negative consequences of preventing attacks via Specter.

As always, all other changes can be on the website Kernel Newbies tracked , which will be completed over the next few days.

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