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Linux Kernel 5.15 will integrate NTFS3 driver to better support NTFS file system

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In the upcoming Linux Kernel 5.15 update, the NTFS3 kernel driver from Paragon Software will provide better support for the Microsoft NFTS file system. Last year, Paragon Software made an amazing decision: try to Mainline the NTFS3 driver that was previously only used for business.

Considering that there are fewer and fewer organizations interested in NTFS, and more and more interest in Microsoft ‘s exFAT, and even in file systems like Android’s F2FS, we are still very happy to see that Paragon is finally willing to drive Mainline and promised Maintain it upstream and move on.

In the past year, the NTFS3 driver has undergone multiple rounds of review to improve the code quality and make it more consistent with upstream coding standards. This driver provides better functions than the current upstream kernel driver, especially the good order of writing support and other functions that are not in the kernel driver that is basically not maintained. Compared with the existing FUSE-based open source NTFS driver, the NTFS3 driver also wins in terms of functionality and performance.

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Komarov summarized the current situation in the PR: “This is the NTFS read and write driver. The current version is suitable for normal/compressed/sparse files, and supports acl and NTFS log playback. Most of the code has been in linux since August 13 -next branch, but there are some patches, only a few days in the linux-next branch. Hope it is good-no regression was found in the test”.

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  1. Antonio Petricca Reply

    Can be considered NTFS3 a stable and production ready release?

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