Linux From Scratch 11, a distro to learn about Linux

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Have you already been through Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, Slackware, Gentoo … and you still lack things to learn to build a Linux system from scratch? That is exactly what  Linux From Scratch 11 (LFS) is about , the new version of this distrolibro with which to build a Linux system from its very base and as far as you want to go.

Linux From Scratch is an old acquaintance of any linuxer with a minimum of experience, if only for having read the name of the distro somewhere and despite not being a distro as such, as we have already said. Linux From Scratch is  a distrolbook, or an instruction manual with tools  ready to get started. Something like that.

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Which does not mean, of course, that Linux From Scratch does not evolve, because even though the steps to mount a Linux system from scratch have remained constant for many years, there have also been process modifications and LFS itself throughout all this time. He has included his own. In the latest  Linux From Scratch 10 , for example, the distro underwent a deep reorganization to cover cross-compilation techniques.

What’s the big news in Linux From Scratch 11? The reason for the jump to a higher version number is that it  no longer uses the ‘split user’ system . In other words, like most current distributions, “/ bin” is a symbolic link to “/ usr / bin”. Also, “/ lib” and “/ sbin” are symbolic links to their “/ usr” counterparts, “they explain in the  release announcement .

Other major changes to Linux From Scratch 11 include updates to the basic compilation toolkit, highlighting packages such as gcc-11.2.0, glibc-2.34, and binutils-2.37, as well as a corresponding update to the kernel version, which does not it gets to the last, but it stays close: Linux 5.13.12 is the version in question. In total, LFS 11 has updated about forty packages.

To expand the information, access the material downloads and, above all, the project documentation, the previous link is the indicated place to start. And remember: when you’ve mastered Linux From Scratch, the next step is  Beyond Linux From Scratch (BLFS)  with lots of additional material. You dare?


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