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Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” Coming Soon

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The biggest Linux world news of the month is finally Linux Mint 20.2 code named by “uma” BETA version is coming in mid-June, Linux Mint 20.2 Uma is based on Ubuntu LTS which was third version of Linux Mint based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS supported till 2025

Linux Mint 20.2 coming with all new tool’s app called “Bulky“, which was used to bulk rename files in Cinnamon and MATE, implemented with XApp, (In Xfce, Thunar already comes with its own embedded bulk renamer), second impressive tool is “Nemo Content Search” which was used for content search as well as file search, Until now you could only search for files, In Linux Mint 20.2 support for computers with AMD/NVIDIA hybrids GPU with Nvidia-prime-applet 1.2.7.

Based on Last month Linux mint dev news, they are already working on next big version of Cinnamon desktop environment, so we’re expecting lots of new tools and changes as well as performance boost from Cinnamon 5 based Linux Mint 20.2, same the time Linux Mint Working on Most popular Linux Mint App is “Warpinator” to improve stability with new feature which used to select the network interface you want to use for sharing files with compression can make transfers up to 3 times faster. Read more info on May 2021 monthly report

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