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Linux Mint introduces new website

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Most people will agree that Linux Mint is one of the most beginner-friendly and, especially among Windows converters, one of the most popular distributions. However, the Linux Mint website was long out of date and some new users were put off. Now the project has finally presented a new website that meets all modern standards and will greatly improve the first impression of Linux Mint for many newcomers.

In the current digital age, every serious project needs a well-designed website, especially if you are targeting beginners.

At Linux Mint, the old website no longer corresponded to the product offered.

But now Mint presents itself in a modern way, with a website that is kept uniform in Linux Mint green and corresponds to the latest design trends and of course is also adaptive.

The new website does a lot of things right that the others don’t pay attention to: You address the target group to whom you are addressing. The site focuses on explaining to a newbie what Linux Mint is and the reasons to try it out.

The most important beginner questions, such as B. “Can I keep my Windows?”

Where Ubuntu talks about Kubernetes and the enterprise area, Mint talks about what a normal desktop user is interested in.

Overall, the new website gives the impression that they have dealt with what beginners are concerned about and want to provide simple answers to the most important questions.

Even if that shouldn’t trigger the big wave of migration, the new site will certainly take the worries of many an undecided person and induce them to at least try Linux.

What do you think of the new website? Do you think a new page was what Linux Mint was missing, or do you think the new website won’t change anything? Do you think it’s important to address users’ concerns right at the beginning? Discuss with us!



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