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Linux News Summary 5.10 (The Next LTS Release)

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This week, traditionally on the night from Sunday to Monday, Linus Torvalds announced the release of the first release candidate version of the upcoming Linux kernel 5.10. Although this is not the largest release in the history of kernel development, the number of changes is still relatively large. Specifically, more than 700,000 lines of new code have been added compared to the previous version of Linux 5.9, and about 420,000 lines have been removed. Linux 5.10 also exceeded the expectations of Linus Torvalds, who described this version of the kernel as larger than expected.

As always, the upcoming Linux 5.10 will bring users improved hardware support. A number of changes have been made to support the new AMD Zen 3 processors. In their case, support is already included for monitoring the temperature status using a built-in sensor. Work has also progressed to improve support for Intel Rocket Lake, and developers have also been able to improve optimization for the ARM64 architecture.

The graphics card support status is similarly better than the previous kernel version, especially for the AMD RDNA 2 – Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards. However, their support is not yet complete and users can expect further improvements in the next kernel version. A fix has also been added to improve power efficiency for laptops with AMD Renoir hardware.

The XFS file system has been patched for timestamps and the 2038 issue. The speed of fsync for Btrfs has been improved, and other fixes or optimizations have been added for F2FS, EXT4, NFS, and more. Work on USB4 support has also progressed in this version of the kernel, with better support for touchpads for Lenovo laptops or a new driver for Nintendo Switch gamepads.

Linux 5.10 will be the last version this year and a stable release same the time another LTS ( Longtearm support) Version is expected during the month of December. Greg Kroah-Hartman has confirmed that Linux 5.10 will have long-term support until 2026. Therefore, this version of the kernel can be expected to become part of many Linux distributions focused on system stability.

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