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Linux Top 4 Apps that any Ubuntu user should install

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Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distros, both for those who take the first steps within this operating system and for those users already initiated within this ecosystem. This system, developed and maintained by Canonical, has its pluses and minuses, like everything else, but overall it offers a balance between usability, ease, and the ‘Linux experience’, which over the years has gained the trust of many users. and have one of the largest communities.

As standard, Ubuntu comes with the GNOME desktop and a series of additional programs that allow us to start using our computer from the first moment. However, if we really want to get the most out of it, it is necessary to install other interesting applications by hand. Let’s see what some of them are.

Synaptic, the package manager par excellence

Ubuntu comes standard with the APT package manager. With it we can install, update or delete any program on our PC using simple commands. However, if we want to have much more control over the applications and dependencies, we must opt ​​for another package manager known as ” Synaptic “.

Synaptic uninstall completely

Thanks to it, we will be able to see all the packages installed on our system, install new dependencies or uninstall what we no longer need, deleting all their traces. To install it, we simply have to execute the following:sudo apt install synaptic

GNOME 41 RC1 Download with fixes beta bugs

Mainline, to always have the latest Kernel in Ubuntu

One of the main problems with Ubuntu is its updates. In addition to the fact that each version is only 9 months old (except LTS), Canonical usually never installs the latest version of the Kernel in its versions. And, once a version is released, you don’t usually change it.

Updating the Linux kernel can be a complicated and dangerous task. However, we can make it as simple as possible thanks to an essential tool known as Mainline.

Install Mainline Kernel Linux 5.13 on ubuntu

Thanks to this program we can see a list with all the versions of the Kernel available, and quickly update to the most recent one to have our PC up to date.

We can install this tool by running:sudo apt install mainline

How to Install GNOME 40.1 Stable Update on Ubuntu

BleachBit, the alternative to Ccleaner for Ubuntu

Like any other operating system, over time Ubuntu fills up with all kinds of residual files and “junk” that make the PC work worse and worse. Therefore, it never hurts to have a tool that allows us to clean the PC of all these files so that it always works like the first day. And one of the best is BleachBit. This program helps us, among other things, to eliminate all the old kernels that we no longer need, eliminate temporary files and much more.

BleachBit, the alternative to Ccleaner for Ubuntu

We can download this program from this link .

Kodi: a multimedia center at your fingertips

Although Ubuntu usually comes with its own media player by default, this one can be quite short when it comes to multimedia functions. Therefore, if we are going to use the PC to watch videos, listen to music, and even play arcade games , it is necessary to bet on a much larger and more complete tool. We must bet on Kodi.

Kodi Radio

Surely this program does not need introductions. We are facing the largest and most complete multimedia center that exists on the net, being able to customize each of its functions to the millimeter thanks to the plugins. An essential must-have that cannot be missing from our Linux distro.

We can easily install Kodi by running:sudo apt install kodi


  1. Sean M. Brannon Reply

    It isn’t a “problem” that Ubuntu doesn’t ship with the latest kernel. NO top-tier distribution meant to be used in production. Period. That’s because new=unknown bugs. Distributions meant to be used in production go through an extended period of testing to insure they are reliable. If you want to risk your personal desktop system’s reliability, that’s on you. Linux distributors and hardware vendors can’t have the caviler attitude.

  2. I agree with Synaptic and Bleachbit. I don’t need Kodi or Mainline. Synaptic is a powerful tool that beats any software center, and Bleachbit keeps you system clean from unneeded files.
    I prefer to wait for the OS to update the kernel for stability, and do not use my computer as a media center.

  3. Currently Canonical is no way far beyond latest Linux Kernels. They switched their policies about it. Getting recent kernel updates is “ON” by default, which can be quite problematic for some configuration like mine, with as an example the end of Nvidia’s deprecated drivers (340.108) since kernel 5.08.
    Latest kernel available for Ubunutu (mine is Xubuntu) is 5.11.25. Checked and tested yesterday before switching back to a 4.x kernel.

  4. GREAT!
    Since Ukuu is not free to use anymore, I was looking a replacement for my inexperienced friends.
    JFYI, “sudo apt install mainline” says that cannot find the Mainline package. But “sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:cappelikan/ppa | sudo apt update && sudo apt install mainline -y” (unattended install) does the trick flawlessly (

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