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Mageia 8 RC Build Release Download Now

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The Mageia team have announced a release candidate for Mageia 8. The development snapshot includes several package upgrades, including a move to the latest version of PHP and the latest long-term support release of the kernel. There have also been a number of video driver updates. “PHP was recently updated to 8.0.2, therefore, feedback on PHP applications will be helpful to check for issues. The NVIDIA drivers have been switched to gl-vendor-neutral-dispatch, so MESA applications can work on such systems, with 460 series on x86_64 and 390 series still available. Note that the NVIDIA 340 series is no longer supported. DrakX, our installer, will switch supported systems to NVIDIA 390 where possible, or use the nouveau driver if they are unsupported by the newer drivers. For AMD graphic cards based on Southern Islands family (Tahiti, Pitcairn, Oland, Verde, Hainan) and Sea Islands family (Kaveri, Bonaire, Hawaii, Kabini, Mullins) we are now defaulting to the newer amdgpudriver instead of the older Radeon, and feedback, if it works properly or not on your hardware, would be helpful.” Further details are available in the release announcement.

Download : 

Mageia-8-rc-x86_64.iso (4,288MB,  torrent)

Mageia-8-rc-Live-Plasma-x86_64.iso (3,433MB, torrent)

Mageia-8-netinstall-nonfree-x86_64.iso (120MB ).

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