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Make your Desktop more awesome with Conky

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Today during working, my system run too much slowly, so that I need an tool to monitor the system resources and kill some processes to gaint more memory. After search on Google, I found an tool named “Conky“.

Conky is a graphical tool which displays system information to your screen in real time. You can customize the Conky look and feel so that it displays the information you need it to.

It is also allow customize and make the desktop more awesome with config file.
As running Manjaro (Arch Linux) on Thinkpad T440, I tried to find some configs file from Reddit and Github and customize follow my ideas. You can see my current desktop with Conky run on top like an widget on the gif image.

I also push my conky config file to Github, you can download and use it on your computer if you like, but you need to change some command and id, path from the config file to make it match with your system:

$ sed -i -e "s/ngoclb/$(whoami)/g" ~/.conky/Thinkpad/thinkpad-t440.conkyrc

To make Conky autostart with your system (and run as background), you could use below command:

$ (killall conky; conky -q -c ~/.conky/Thinkpad/thinkpad-t440.conkyrc &> /dev/null) &

Here are some of the more useful settings that you might wish to add:

audacious_bar – Audacious music player progress bar
audacious_channels – Number of audacious channels for current tune
audacious_file – Filename for current tune
audacious_length – Length of current tune
audacious_playlist_length – Number of tunes in the playlist
battery_percent – Battery percentage
battery_time – Battery time remaining
cpu – CPU usage
cpubar – CPU bar chart
cpugauge – CPU gauge
desktop_name – Name of the desktop
diskio (device) – Displays disk io
distribution – Name of the distribution
downspeedf (net) – Download speed in kilobytes
exec command – Executes a shell command and displays output in Conky
fs_bar – How much space is used on a file system
fs_bar_free – How much free space is available on a file system
fs_free – Free space on a file system
fs_free_perc – Free space as a percentage
image – Displays an image
kernel – Kernel version
loadavg (1|2|3) – Load average for 1, 5 and 15 minutes
mem – Amount of memory in use
membar – Bar showing memory in use
memfree – Amount of free memory
memperc – Percentage of memory in use
mpd_album – Album in current MPD song
mpd_artist – Artist in current MPD song
mpd_bar – Bar of mpd’s progress
mpd_file – Filename for current mpd song
mpd_length – Song’s length
mpd_title – Song’s name
mpd_vol – Volume of MPD player
nodename – Hostname
processes – Total processes
running_processes – Processes in action
swap – Amount of swap space in use
swapbar – Bar showing swap usage
swapfree – Amount of free swap
swapmax – Total amount of swap
swapperc – Percentage of swap in use
threads – Total threads
time (format) – Local time
upspeedf – Upload speed
uptime – System uptime
user_names – list the users logged in
user_number – number of users logged in
user_times – length of time users have been logged in
utime – Time in UTC format
weather – weather info

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