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Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo” RC Build Download

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With the release of a release candidate Download for Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo”, the stable release of the first update for Manjaro 21 “Ornara” from April is just around the corner.

Xfce is still the standard desktop that is shipped in version 4.16. For the GNOME edition, GNOME 40 was adapted by the developers so that users who operate GNOME with the mouse have to cover shorter distances. The GNOME layout switcher can also be used to revert to the layout from before GNOME 40.

As usual, up to date

The Plasma Edition comes with Plasma 5.22.4, Frameworks 5.84 and KDE Gear 21.04. There is also a new wallpaper and adjustments to the standard Breeze theme. 5.13 is used as the kernel, another nine kernels from Linux 4.4 onwards are available. Systemd is shipped in v248.6. When it comes to applications, Firefox is 90.0.2, LibreOffice 7.1.5. All drivers are up to date.

Btrfs support expanded

The developers report improvements with the installer, which is based on the Calamares Installer Framework, and with better support for Btrfs. The standard subvolume layout has been improved for Btrfs installations to simplify rollbacks and to waste less space on snapshots. In addition, swap files are now supported on Btrfs file systems. There are also automatic backups for package updates. There have been some improvements to Calamares, including the selection of the file system for automatic partitioning.

After the stable release of Manjaro 21.1 “Pahvo”, which is expected shortly, there will probably also be a community release with the promising Cutefish desktop , which is still in a relatively early stage of development. There is then a separate article on this. If you want to test the release candidate now, you need the appropriate files with the extensions and .iso.z01download to a directory and then unzip the zip file:

zip -s- -O

This reassembles the ISO split into 2 parts. The resulting zip file can then be extracted.

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