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MATE 1.26 Desktop Environment Released

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The lightweight desktop environment MATE 1.26 emerged 10 years ago as a spin-off from GNOME 2 after GNOME 3 changed the way it was operated, which was by no means approved by all users. With MATE the traditional operating scheme of GNOME 2 should be continued. Now, after 18 months of development, MATE 1.26 has been released.

More Wayland support

The new version was about adding new functions to the MATE desktop while maintaining the look and feel. In addition, many bugs have been fixed, the code base has been modernized and the performance has been optimized. As part of the improvements, the apps Atril, System Monitor, Pluma and Terminal received support for Wayland, Calculator and Terminal can now be built with Meson .

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Text editor as IDE

The standard editor Pluma, a further development of Gedit 2, has been upgraded. In conjunction with the new Pluma plugins, the text editor can now be converted into an IDE. The Control Center offers an improved settings dialog with more options for handling windows. A display scaling option has been added to the display dialog box. Notifications now also support hyperlinks. There is also a new “do not disturb” applet.

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Scroll through PDF faster

The file manager Caja got a new bookmark sidebar. In addition, drives can in future be formatted using the context menu. The extension Caja Actions , with which any programs to be started via the context menu can be added, is now part of the desktop. Scrolling through large documents in the Atril document viewer is now faster because the slow linear search has been replaced by a binary tree search. In addition, the memory requirements of the app have been reduced.

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More archive formats supported

The window manager Marco now restores minimized windows to their original position more reliably, while the archive manager Engrampa has received support for EPUB and ARC archives. In addition, he can now open encrypted RAR archives. The Power Manager received an option to darken an illuminated keyboard and was to libsecret ported .

Last but not least, many bugs have been fixed, some memory leaks have been fixed and the code base of almost all desktop components has been modernized. A new wiki should make it easier for new contributors to get started with the project. Further details can be found in the release notes for MATE 1.26 .

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