Microsoft launches open tool to measure performance

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That Microsoft launching products for Linux is no longer a novelty. The Redmond giant took a real turn of the wheel with the release of .NET and has even dared to develop its own distributions. More recently, the company has published as Open Source a set of tools to measure performance on Linux, Android and Chromium.

The set of tools, which has the name “Microsoft-Performance-Tools for Linux-Android”, Is built with .NET Core and the corporation’s new Performance SDK and has been published on GitHub under the MIT license, the favorite of the corporation led by Satya Nadella.

There are three tools supplied by Microsoft-Performance-Tools for Linux-Android: LTTng, perf and Perfetto. According to him company developer blog, all of these are supported by Linux, but only Perfetto works on Android and Chromium browsers like Edge and Chrome. The suite also has a graphical user interface using Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA), but this only works, as its name suggests, in Windows.

Briefly describing each of the offered components, ‘LTTng’ allows to measure the programming of the Linux kernel CPU, the processes, the threads, the disk I / O blocks, the system calls, the event file, etc. ‘perf’ only takes care of processor sampling, while ‘Perfetto’ takes care of measuring processor programming, processor sampling, processor frequency, FTrace, Android logs, GPU counters, generic events, and default tracks on Linux, Android, and Chromium (not all functions appear to be available for all three components).

The company has told Microsoft-Performance-Tools for Linux-Android that “It offers many of the great features, power, methodology, and ecosystem that have been used to drive Windows performance over the past 15 years with an updated and evolving set of tools.”. On the other hand, he has said that uses it internally to measure the performance of Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), Linux VMs on Azure, WSL 2, and the Chromium-based Edge web browser.

All the details of Microsoft-Performance-Tools for Linux-Android can be consulted in the project’s GitHub repository, while the set can be used freely and for free (if they have the knowledge to do so).

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