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MX Linux 21 is uploaded to Debian 11 to offer its most refined version to date

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MX Linux 21  is the new major version of a small large distribution that has made a rebound hole, but also on its own merits among the most recommended for very different types of users, and is that not all those derived from Debian can boast of offering an alternative to your base with arguments to consider like this one does.

Among these arguments, MX Linux 21 stands out for making the leap to  Debian 11  with all the new features that this entails, including updates to the entire package arch that makes up the system within, but also outside of Debian’s own repositories. Thus, MX Linux 21 arrives with the Linux 5.10 LTS kernel  , but not only.

As part of the “advanced hardware support” introduced last year and available for upgrade once the system is installed, MX Linux 21 also offers its users more modern components including the Linux 5.14 kernel   and one of the latest versions. from Mesa, with the Vulkan drivers installed by default.

MX Linux 21 continues to count as a main edition with Xfce as a desktop environment, a second one with KDE Plasma and as a new addition to the set, one with Fluxbox. Specifically, these are  Xfce 4.16, KDE Plasma 5.20 and Fluxbox 1.3.7 , all featuring a new welcome wizard and accompanying the latter, a new dedicated configuration module and “a lot of customizations and custom scripts.

And new visual theme, MX Linux 21 also debuts that: in line with the code name of the version, if the previous one was called ‘Ugly Duckling’ and it was very ugly, this one is called ‘Wildflower’ … and it is a little less ugly , but little; although it costs little to change the subject and put one more to the liking of each one.

Other  new features of MX Linux 21  include a new option in the  system installer for partitioning storage , including LVM support if there is a previous volume or the option to mount drives with data in the installation process, as well as new boot menus. Live system with UEFI with data persistence options.

Last but not least, MX Linux is presented with  SysVinit as the default startup system , that is, unlike its mother distro, it dispenses with relying on systemd, although it does not go to the extreme of  Devuan  and whoever wants it. , you have it at your fingertips, but once the system is installed, not before.

For the rest, MX Linux 21 continues to offer its added value in  the distribution’s own tools , which are most interesting for new users, but also for veterans, because at the end of the day MX Linux is nothing more than a Debian tuned for a more accommodating audience, which is not bad at all.

Here are the download links on MX Linux 21 for 32-bit for the Xfce and Fluxbox editions and 64-bit also for the KE Plasma edition, via SourceForge:

  • MX Linux 21 Xfce 32-bit
  • MX Linux 21 Xfce 64-bit
  • MX Linux 21 Fluxbox 32-bit
  • MX Linux 21 Fluxbox 64-bit
  • MX Linux 21 KDE Plasma 64-bit


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