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My experience with Gnome 40, and some ways we can improve it.

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With the extra time, I now have thanks to graduating, I’ve decided to try out Gnome 40 UI for an extended amount of time(rather than the quick snippets I’ve tried here and there). Here are my thoughts about the current release and how we can improve upon it.

I’ve tried using it in Gnome boxes with 3D acceleration enabled. My system is powerful enough for me to smoothly use the system.

So far, with some animation glitches aside, the experience overall has been very positive.

The biggest change to Gnome 40 is the Activities overview. The new transition animations between workspaces and the application grid are incredibly smooth and eye-catching. They are easy on the eyes, yet look beautiful. That said, I did notice some areas where the animations could be improved.

  • Opening a new application from the application grid creates this weird shaky animation.

  • No aninmation plays when closing an application then moving to the workspace on the right. This does not happen if you move to the left workspace.

No for some usability issues.

  • I cannot view an overview of all the workspaces available.
  • I cannot quickly switch to a specific workspace with the click of the mouse. I must either scroll through them or open the application grid, select a workspace by clicking on it, then click again to go to that workspace.
  • When dragging and dropping an application from the application grid to a workspace, instead of opening the application in the workspace the user dropped to, the application is opened in the currently selected workspace.

These are some of the issues I’ve noticed so far in my use. Hopefully, they get fixed as time goes by.

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