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Neptune, GeckoLinux, Slackel, UbuntuDDE & Touch, qBittorrent …

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First PING 2022 and there are already interesting things to collect with this broom, almost everything from this first week of the year … with the inevitable exception of Linux Mint 20.3, whose launch we echoed yesterday. But linuxero lives not only on mint …

  • GeckoLinux 999.220105. We continue with the new version, or new image of GeckoLinux, a direct derivative and very attached to the main branch of openSUSE tumbleweedm, so we are facing a rolling-release with all of the law. More info in the official announcement.
  • Slackel 7.5. In the absence of the new version of Slackware being released, you may be interested in knowing this derivative of its, seasoned with the properties of another derivative of the previous one such as Salix, with the Openbox windows environment as a common denominator. Do you want more data? To the official announcement we send you.
  • UbuntuDDE Remix 21.10. We finished the distro launches with … No, we were not wrong: Ubuntu 21.10 came out when it was playing and practically at the same time the semi-official remixes of Ubuntu Unity and Cinnamon arrived, but not much of the third, Ubuntu Deepin. As well, finally here.
  • Ubuntu Touch OTA-21. Yet another distro? Another distro, but special where they exist, because as we well know in these parts, Ubuntu Touch points to a niche as specific as that of smartphones. It brings few news and they all give an account in the official announcement.
  • qBittorrent 4.4.0. We go through the applications with the new version of qBittorrent, one of the best BitTorrent clients that you will find for PC, and that in this new leap announces news such as the adoption of Qt6 and all the improvements that this entails, new official downloads such as AppImage … More in the official announcement.
  • CES 2022. We finished the PING with a link that is worth a lot of news, and it is that if you are passionate about technology and in addition to software you are interested in hardware, these days the CES 2022, the great fair of the year in which the main brands show their products, and that as always we are covering in MC.

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