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New edition of the Free Software University Contest

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From June 1, 2022 to August 31, the registration period for the sixteenth edition of the Free Software University Contest (CUSL)corresponding to the academic year 2021/2022.

On this occasion, the organization has decided to review the format, so that the projects that are registered will be evaluated in the first half of September, so that the final phase takes place in early October.

A brief FAQ of the contest:

Who can participate in the CUSL?

University students (bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate), intermediate and higher level students, as well as high school students; all of them included in the Spanish educational system. Registrations will be made through the CUSL website.

Can I register with my final bachelor’s/master’s project?

Of course, in this new format, we encourage all students who are preparing or have prepared their final project in this academic year.

How do you assess projects?

The evaluation of the projects will value positively the following sections:

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  • Publication of the source code in public forges, making use of version control software, for example, git.
  • Use of blog to document the project through a series of informative posts.
  • Documentation describing prerequisites, dependencies, and installation of the software.

What licenses can I use in the contest?

In this edition, the registered projects will have to be released under one of the licenses offered by the Free Software Foundation.

How many categories are there in this edition?

We have unified the contest into a single category, offering a first prize of 200 euros and a second prize of 100 euros.

All the information about the contest, including the complete rules, on the official website of the Free Software University Contest.

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