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Nimblenote Simple FOSS keyboard-driven note taking.

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nimblenote is a simple keyboard-driven note taking application. Search, create, edit and delete notes all without the mouse.

“a rather splendid keyboard-driven note taking app for macOS and Linux” – omg! ubuntu!

nimblenote is built with Electron and React and its goals are to be:

  • Free and (soon to be) open source
  • Cross platform for macOS, Linux and Windows
  • Fast
  • Simple



Get started

When you launch nimblenote you’ll be greeted with a welcome page, and after you start typing notes, type in ? into the search box to get additional help.

Get in touch

Please feel free to email or follow us on twitter at @nimblenoteapp for updates.


Please help the development of nimblenote by sponsoring me on GitHub 


nimblenote is currently closed source, but will become open source as soon as I’ve tidied up the code a litle. It was originally a prototype…

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