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Nitrux 1.3.8 Update Download

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Nitrux is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution suitable for laptops and desktop computers. Its main desktop environment is NX Desktop, a KDE Plasma desktop enhanced with “plasmoids” to create a special blend of aesthetics and functionality. The project also focuses on using redistributable, portable applications using the AppImage format. Registration with an e-mail address was required to download this distribution, however public downloads have been available since mid-2020.

What makes Nitrux Special

Nitrux is one of those “all-around” Linux distribution that excels in every domain. Use it to surf the web, word processing, email, spreadsheets, listen to music, watch a movie, chat, game with your friends, edit your photo, create amazing content. Basically any function you can use a computer for, you will be able to do it with Nitrux.

A new version is released at the end of each month with the newest features available.

A Software Curation to get Started

The Nitrux team has curated the perfect applications to get you started and that you may use on a daily basis; such as office applications, PDF readers, image viewer/editor, music and video players.

Most of those applications a the default KDE applications what are designed for KDE Plasma 5. Nitrux also included a few non-KDE nor QT applications like Firefox and LibreOffice.

Here is a list of what you will get out of the box: Index, Nota, Station, Pix, VVave, Buho, Contacts.

Nitrux has also included some great open-source software: Ark, KCalc, qps, Spectacle, Latte, qpdfview, Kvantum Manager, Firefox, mpv, LibreOffice, Inkscape, GIMP, LMMS

After the initial installation, you will be able to enrich your software collection with Debian’s dpkg, an extended collection of packages with APT and even install AppImages.

NX Desktop

The team has extended KDE Plasma to allow the user to glance over the system operations with easy to understand status displayed on the screen. It comes with Nitrux’s set of customizations for the Plasma 5 Desktop.

NX Desktop includes new plasmoids (aka widgets) and a new look and feel package. This package includes wallpapers, Plasma themes, Konsole theme and profile, Aurorae themes, SDDM themes, cursors and color-schemes.

Here are some of the features specific to NX Desktop:

  • A new system tray replaces the traditional Plasma version.
  • A notification center to access all your notifications. The system tray has an area reserved specifically for them.
  • Quick access to networks that allows you to edit your network preferences (like switching between Wi-fi networks and Ethernet connections).
  • Easy multimedia controls combines the volume controls and the media controls of Plasma for simpler operations.

To learn more, you can watch the following video made by the Nitrux team.

video by Ribalinux

NX Firewall

NX Firewall is a firewall tool for Linux built with Qt toolkit. It comes with a wizard to create basic firewall rules. It allows you to open/close ports in a few clicks and to monitor/restrict your services.

It’s a tool that provides a GUI for the ufw/iptables command-line interface.

The key features includes the ability to use profiles, quickly enable or disable the firewall, easily set incoming and outgoing rules and view which applications are listening on which ports, as well as to effortlessly add or remove rules.

Automate Backup Sync of your Files

Nitrux comes with the Kup application that helps people to keep up-to-date backups of their files. It’s possible to save files to a USB drive or onto another computer on your network.

You can choose between synchronized (only updates what changed) and incremental (copy everything inside a location each time).

You can decide between three mode: Manual (triggered from a try icon popup menu), Interval (suggests a new backup after some time has passed), Usage-based (suggests new backup after some hours of activity).

source by fosstorrent

DOWNLOAD NITRUX 1.3.8(torrent)


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