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Nitrux 1.5.0 Available to Download With KDE Plasma 5.22.2

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Nitrux 1.5.0 Available to Download With KDE Plasma 5.22.2, This new version brings together the latest software updates, bug fixes, performance improvements, and ready-to-use hardware support.

In the new Nitrux 1.5.0 Build OS, you get with the new kernel 5.4.128 LTS update as well as all the security changes along with the stability in it, Nitrous 1.5.0 also provides support for the new LTS and non-LTS latest kernel, in which you get Linux kernel 5.10 LTS and 5.12 non-LTS support, If we talk about big changes in Nitrux 1.5.0 we get to see the latest update of KDE Plasma 5.22.2 As well as KDE Framework 5.80. 0 and KDE gear 21.04.2 version, in the new version of nitrux updated the Latte Dock layouts to use the floating dock feature with following packages update

  • We’ve updated LibreOffice to version
  • We’ve updated Firefox to version 89.0.2.
  • We’ve updated Heroic Games Launcher to version 1.7.2
  • We’ve updated pacstall to version 1.4.

Nitrux 1.5.0 Download .iso :

  • Nitrux 1.5.0 full iso
  • Nitrux 1.5.0 (minimal) iso

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