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Nitrux 1.6.0 Released with NX Desktop

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The release of the distribution Nitrux 1.6.0 , built on the Debian package base, KDE technologies and the init system has been OpenRC published . The distribution develops its own NX Desktop , which is an add-on over the user’s KDE Plasma environment. The AppImages self-contained package system is being promoted to install additional applications. The boot images are 3.1 GB and 1.5 GB in size. The developments of the project are distributed under free licenses.

NX Desktop offers a different style, its own implementation of the system tray, notification center and various plasmoids, such as a network configurator and a media applet for volume control and playback control of multimedia content. The package also includes applications from the MauiKit suite , including the Index file manager (Dolphin can also be used), Note text editor, Station emulator, Clip music player, VVave video player, and Pix image viewer.

In the new release:

Desktop components have been updated to KDE Plasma 5.22.4, KDE Frameworksn 5.85.0 and KDE Gear (KDE Applications) 21.08.

Nitrux 1.6.0 Distribution Release with NX Desktop

The to branch 2.0 framework developed by the project been updated MauiKit and the Index, Nota, Station, VVave, Buho, Pix, Communicator, Shelf and Clip applications built on its basis, which can be used both on desktop systems and on mobile devices, have .

Updated applications including Firefox 91.0.2, Heroic Games Launcher 1.9.2, LibreOffice

Linux Lite 5.6 Available to Download

A new NX Software Center 1.0.0 has been proposed, offering packages for installation in AppImage format that, once installed, are fully integrated with the desktop. Three modes of operation are available: viewing the applications available for installation with support for search, navigation by categories and recommendations of the most popular programs; viewing downloaded packages; assessment of the download status of new applications.

Nitrux 1.6.0 Distribution Release with NX Desktop

A new default ZSH shell theme, Powerlevel10k, has been proposed. Minimal builds continued to use the agnoster theme.

Nitrux 1.6.0 Distribution Release with NX Desktop

Added scripts for KWin: MACsimize to move the full-screen window to another virtual desktop and return to the original desktop after closing the window; ForceBlur to apply a blur effect to custom windows.

Plasma Discover and LMMS applications have been removed from the base distribution.

For installation, you can choose from packages with the Linux 5.4.143, 5.10.61 and 5.14.0 kernel, Linux Libre 5.10.61 and Linux Libre 5.13.12, as well as 5.13 kernels with patches from the Liquorix and Xanmod projects.

By default, support for touchpad gestures is enabled.

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