NomadBSD 130R is Now Available to Download Based on FreeBSD 13.0

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NomadBSD 130R-20210508 is Now Available to Download .ISO with Based on FreeBSD 13.0

So as we all know NomadBSD 130R is a 64-bit live system for USB flash drives and Desktop, based on FreeBSD. Together with automatic hardware detection and setup, it is configured to be used as a desktop system that works out of the box, but can also be used for data recovery.

FreeBSD 13.0 Release Download

NomadBSD 130R Changelogs :

  • NomadBSD team change the versioning scheme to the following form: FFfX-YYYYMMDD, where FF is the major two-digit FreeBSD version, f is the minor version, and X stands for ALPHA (A), BETA (B), RC, or RELEASE (R). Followed by a date. The new scheme allows us to provide images with different version of FreeBSD.
  • The base system has been upgraded to FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE.
  • The partition alignment has been changed to 1M to improve the write speed on flash drives.
  • A bug where GLX is disabled has been fixed.
  • Drivers for VMware have been added.


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