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Now Tuxedo becomes a KDE sponsor

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Tuxedo becomes a sponsor of KDE . Or what is the same, the free software project adds to its list of patrons the second brand specialized in Linux computers so far this year, after the Spanish Slimbook did the same.

In the case of Tuxedo, it is necessary to transfer him to Germany, where this company is from, very much in the style of the aforementioned Slimbook or, to a lesser extent, of the more veteran System76, which as you know even has its own Linux distribution, Pop !_YOU. For the rest, the profile is similar and their products too, which is normal, considering that we are not talking about giants in the technology sector.

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We have been on the trail of Tuxedo for less time as it took him a little longer to reap his head, at least outside of Germany, but since then he has been on a march of new equipment launches and constant catalog updates. So far this year, for example, we have echoed the new InfinityBook S 15 and, just a few weeks ago, the laptops gaming  Polaris .

“Our custom Linux machines (for work or play) are equipped with KDE Plasma, leading to a positive response from our customers. Also, we do our own development work, which could also benefit KDE. We are happy to share our knowledge and would like to secure and expand KDE development work in the long term. ” Herbert Feiler, CEO of Tuxedo.

“For KDE, reaching and serving end users is part of our reason for existing and Tuxedo can be a great ally in this endeavor. Together we can expand our borders and create systems and tools to further serve our users. It’s especially encouraging to see Tuxedo’s commitment to join our development communities and collaborate to improve KDE products. ” Aleix Pol, President of KDE eV »

Tuxedo thus joins other corporate sponsors such as Blue Systems, Canonical, Enioka, Google, Pine64, Slimbook, SUSE and The Qt Company.

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