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OBS Studio 27.1 includes 18-scene multi-view and fixes for Wayland

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Recently OBS Studio 27.1 has appeared , the first minor release of the twenty-seventh major version of this professional video recording software, which is also one of the great prides of free software as its code is published under the GPLv2 license.

OBS Studio 27 was a turning point for the Linux application thanks to the fact that it finally brought official support for Wayland, something that was beginning to be necessary due to the slow but constant advancement of the graphical protocol, which could have its definitive consolidation in the year 2022 thanks to the progression of KDE Plasma and the apparent high probability that the Steam Deck, with the composer GameScope in SteamOS 3, will bet on Wayland by default.

Fedora 35 Beta Available to Download with GNOME 41

Minor releases do not usually bring great news, and looking at what specifically concerns Linux, it is the case of OBS Studio 27.1, which for the Open Source system has corrected a bug in which the cursor appeared incorrectly placed in the capture from Wayland , another in which capture methods that are not fully compliant with the protocol were still listed, and drag-and-drop support has been re-enabled for scenes and sources. All of those things are courtesy of George Stavracas, a well-known GNOME contributor who is also the main architect of Wayland’s support in OBS Studio.

Continuing with more things, although not exclusive to Linux, both the Open Source system and macOS have arrived with the Ctrl + R and Cmd + R key combinations respectively to reload the browser panels.

Ubuntu 21.10 Beta Available to Download

Regarding all systems, integration with YouTube has been improved by being able to use a user account on the platform instead of a transmission key ; include various features that allow you to set the broadcast title, description, privacy settings, and scheduling; a new “Manage Streaming” button; plus a bandwidth test supported by the setup wizard.

At general levels a multiple view option of 18 scenes has been introduced , a feature to browser sources to allow limited control over OBS Studio that must be granted by the user and an option to draw safe areas in the preview.

To everything mentioned so far, various corrections and optimizations are added that reduce the use of the processor with multimedia sources, reduce the use of memory when closing the application and improve stability when using third-party plugins.

And so far the most relevant things from OBS Studio 27.1. Those who want to know all the details can consult the list of changes . Windows and macOS users can obtain the application from the corresponding section on the project website , while for Linux the possibilities are various. In case of using Ubuntu, the official PPA can be used , although the support for recording from Wayland is only available from version 20.10 of the Canonical distribution. Other unofficial ways are the Snap package , the Flatpak package, and the RPMFusion repository in Fedora. Users of rolling release distributions like Arch Linux they just have to wait for it to arrive as a standard update.

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