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ONLYOFFICE 6.3 Desktop Editor Download

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The cloud-based version of the open source office suite ONLYOFFICE 6.3 was released a month ago. Now the desktop app aka ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors v6.3 has been submitted and the functionality of the desktop version is similar to the cloud solution.

ONLYOFFICE 6.3 Desktop Editor Download

New dark mode

In addition to the new bright theme and the “classic bright” theme preset as standard, the desktop version now has a dark mode that has long been in demand by users and helps reduce eye strain in dimly lit environments. Switching between the themes is in the settings of the app or in the advanced settings on the tab File done .

ONLYOFFICE 6.3 Desktop Editor darkmode

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Better scaling

ONLYOFFICE 6.3 takes into account the recently more popular HiDPI displays with high resolutions and offers with extended fractional scaling of an intermediate step between 100% and 200% 150%. The scaling is automatically adjusted according to the settings of the operating system, but can also be regulated differently in the settings of the app. The intermediate steps 125 and 175% have also been announced for an upcoming version.

Track changes and password protection

Track Changes is the tracking of changes and can now also be activated in the desktop version for all authorized users of a document or only for the creator. Password protection for documents has also been expanded. This was already introduced with the last update, and with ONLYOFFICE 6.3 now also applies to documents created on the desktop that retain password protection when uploading.

In version 6.3 there are also new diagram types and combo charts that can now not only be opened but also created. The list function has been expanded to include a simple change option for levels. The creation of macros has also been improved. All other changes can be found in the change notes in the blog.

Linux well supported

In on the website addition to the cloud version, free packages for the desktop for Linux, macOS and Windows are available . Versions for mobile devices with Android or iOS are also available. For Linux, packages for Debian and its derivatives as well as CentOS and RHEL are available. There are also packages in Snap, Flatpak and AppImage formats. However, these are not yet updated and are still at v6.2. A lifetime license for up to ten users can be purchased from 149 euros .

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