Open Source CMS Joomla 4 has been released

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Joomla! is a free and open source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Over the years, Joomla! has won several awards. It is based on a web application structure that can be used independently of the CMS, allowing you to build powerful online applications.

Joomla! is one of the most popular web programs, thanks to a global community of developers and volunteers who make the platform user-friendly, extendable, multilingual, accessible, responsive and optimized for search engines.

The Joomla! Project celebrates its 16th birthday and has made available after 9 years of hard work of volunteers a new release of the main version of Joomla 4.0, as well as Joomla 3.10, known as “the bridge”.

Joomla! 4 is offered with many improvements and new features. First of all, it comes with Bootstrap 5 and JavaScript by default. Joomla! 4 includes jQuery for backward compatibility and BS5 compatibility, but jQuery is not used at the core level of Joomla 4.

The Joomla! Installation process 4 is simpler than Joomla! 3.x. The new version now has a refreshed and very intuitive administration panel.

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Joomla! Back-end interface 4 comes with many improvements to be more user-friendly and easier to use. Navigation is now in the collapse sidebar that helps the user navigate between: menus, content, media, components, and templates. Redesigned admin area speeds up content creation.

The new, improved Media Manager is another change to Joomla! 4. It has a more user-friendly interface and more advanced features:
– Upload multiple files by drag-and-drop.
– More file management tools: name edit, file preview, file properties.
– Built-in image editing tool: crop images, resize image, rotate images.

Joomla! 4 introduced 1 new template for the front-end: Cassiopeia and 1 new template for the back-end: Atum. The template integrates Bootstrap 5 and is responsive.

CMS version of Joomla! 4 indicates the SEO features and determines those SEO features according to the to-do list in the dashboard option for global site setup.

Joomla! 4 focuses on coding quality and efficiency. There will be a collection of components developed according to the new W3C standard.

Joomla! 4 brings the minimum supported version of PHP to PHP 7, PHP 5 is now deprecated and unsupported.


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