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OpenSUSE 15.3 RC Build Available to Download and Test

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Today SUSE Linux released its OpenSUSE 15.3 RC build available for Download and test, The openSUSE 15.3 project is a community program sponsored by SUSE Linux and other companies. Promoting the use of Linux everywhere, this program provides free, easy access to openSUSE, a complete Linux distribution. The openSUSE project has three main goals: make openSUSE the easiest Linux for anyone to obtain and the most widely used Linux distribution; leverage open source collaboration to make openSUSE the world’s most usable Linux distribution and desktop environment for new and experienced Linux users; dramatically simplify and open the development and packaging processes to make openSUSE the platform of choice for Linux developers and software vendors.


The openSUSE 15.3 team have announced the availability of a release candidate for openSUSE 15.3 “Leap”. The project’s new development snapshot includes KDE Plasma 5.18, GNOME 3.34, and Xfce 4.16. “Desktop environments for the release include KDE’s Long-Term-Support version of Plasma 5.18, GNOME 3.34 and Xfce 4.16. Packages for artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are available for data scientists who use the release. A list of some of the packages in openSUSE Leap 15.3 can be found on the Wiki. Leap release manager Lubos Kocman recommends Beta and RC testers use the ‘zypper dup’ command in the terminal when upgrading to the General Availability (GA) once it’s released.” openSUSE 15.3 will offer 18 months of support once the stable version is released. Further information can be found in the project’s release announcement

Download OpenSUSE 15.3 RC : 

openSUSE-Leap-15.3-DVD-x86_64-Current.iso (4,467MB, SHA256), 

openSUSE-Leap-15.3-KDE-Live-x86_64-Media.iso (922MB, SHA256).

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