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openSUSE 15.4 Alpha Build Available to Download and Test

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openSUSE 15.4 Alpha Build Available to Download and Test, The openSUSE team have announced the avilability of a new development snapshot for openSUSE Leap. The new snapshot is lablled openSUSE 15.4 Alpha: “Alpha releases of openSUSE Leap 15.4 are now available for download on

The fourth minor release of Leap 15 has entered its alpha development stage. During the Alpha phase, regular Alpha images will be built on a rolling basis until mid-February when the point release is scheduled to transition to a Beta build phase. The beta submission deadline is February 16, according to the roadmap. The Beta phase has a similar model until the General Availability of the release. The rolling builds stop after the Beta phase is complete and Leap transitions into a maintenance and security update phase upon beoming public available.” Additional information can be found in the project’s release announcement. Please note that at the time of writing the net-install download links do not work, but off-line install media are available.

Download openSUSE 15.4 Alpha .iso :

openSUSE-Leap-15.4-DVD-x86_64-Media.iso (3,945MB, SHA256, torrent, pkglist).

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