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PDF Mix Tool is a simple PDF manipulation tool

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Today has seen the light PDF Mix Tool 1.0 , the first stable version of this application that allows you to manipulate PDF files. Among its main novelties we have a renewed user interface, support for editing the metadata of a PDF file and support for the recent Qt 6 .

PDF Mix Tool is not a complex tool, and in fact its new user interface makes it even easier to use. It is capable of performing the most common tasks of manipulating PDF files, including merging documents, extracting pages, deleting pages, rotating pages, changing the layout of the pages, document information , the realization of alternative mixes, the creation of brochures from a document and the possibility of adding blank pages . To carry out the manipulation functions it relies on QPDF.

The new interface has eliminated tabs for single and multiple files, moving all functions to the sidebar and identifying them with icons in addition to the name. This change has made the application easier to understand and use for newbies, who will now not have to deal with two interface options that do not really conflict.

After the new user interface and Qt 6 support, the highlight is the ability to edit the metadata of a PDF . The application allows you to modify the title, author, subject, keywords, creator, producer, creation date and modification date. Here we have the metadata from the GNOME Foundation report for the year 2019.

The brochure feature , while not new, is interesting. This is how the GNOME report has been after going through this process, and seeing the result, you can see that it is conceived for another page format.

PDF Mix Tool is free “hard line” software as its source code is published under the GPLv3 license . The ways to install the application are the compilation of the source code , Flaptak and Snap . It is also present in the repository community Arch Linux , so it can be installed by standard means using Pacman (although for now version 1.0 does not seem to have arrived).

Linux Mint 20.2 Update Available to Download

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