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PINE64 launches PineTime, its Open Source Smartwatch

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Two years after officially announcing it , PINE64 has launched the PineTime, its smartwatch for open source, just $30.

Looking at the price, it is obvious that this is not a competitor to the popular Apple Watch, but a product that is targeted by FLOSS and Linux enthusiasts. On the other hand, the PineTime has been designed to complement the PinePhone , possibly the flagship product of PINE64 alongside the PineBook Pro .

The PineTime incorporates the firmware InfiniTime in a “pre-flashed” way and its characteristics are a body of 37.5 x 40 x 11 millimeters and a weight of 38 grams built with zinc alloy and plastic; an IPS touch screen of a size of 1.3 inches, resolution of 240 × 240 pixels and capable of supporting 65,000 colors; and the SoC is a NORDIC nRF52832 semiconductor with a 64MHz ARM Cortex-M4F core.

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The smartwatch in question has a Flash memory of 512KB along with an additional 4MB and 64KB of RAM . For the connection it is supported by Bluetooth 5 with low consumption support and in terms of features it includes an accelerometer, PPG heart rate sensor and vibrator. The battery is 170-180mAh LiPo type and for charging it uses a private 2-pin, 5-volt charger at 500 milliamps via USB Type-A interface.

From PINE64 they warn that development on a sealed device is more difficult, mainly because there is no access to the low-level debugging interface that allows you to recover from errors . They have also made it clear that both the company and the Pine Store are not responsible for devices broken by the process flashing firmware , so great care must be taken when handling the PineTime.

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Looking at its characteristics, it is clear that we are facing a product aimed at covering a very specific niche, more so seeing its obvious limitations. Those interested in PineTime can check out the features and purchase it through the PINE64 store (now at the discounted price of $ 26.99). We leave you with a video of the InfiniTime firmware.

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