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Plasma Mobile 21.07 Improves Many Apps

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Plasma Mobile continues to benefit from the boost that the PinePhone has triggered and, with Plasma Mobile 21.07, brings a release with improvements in the shell, the dialing app and the Kasts podcasting app, as can currently the blog be seen on .

Faster shell

The shell now reacts faster than before, especially in the area of ​​the header. Several problems with international numbers have been resolved in the app for dialing phone numbers. We also fixed an issue that could cause the dialer to display the wrong contact name when receiving a call. In addition, the dialing app can now also be used correctly with a hardware keyboard.

The SMS app Spacebar from Plasma Mobile received several improvements in the user interface. On the one hand, errors when sending messages are now correctly reported and the number from which an SMS was sent is also displayed. Another improvement to Spacebar is that chats are now displayed correctly.

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Revised apps

The KWeather app has been redesigned and now offers a redesigned plasmoid and a new inline page display for flat mode. The calendar application Calindori, which the developers have stopped waking up the phone at midnight, has also been revised. KClock has been improved by ensuring that receiving an alarm during sleep mode works in all cases.

Qrca, the QR reader from Plasma Mobile, has been expanded and now allows you to choose between several available cameras for scanning barcodes. In addition, barcodes from tickets for bus or train travel or plane tickets into KDE Itinerary can be imported . The app also provides helpful links for barcodes that contain international item numbers or ISBNs.

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Kasts makes podcast searches easy

A lot of innovations went into the podcasting app Kasts. It is now possible, among other things, from the app using Discover on the website Podcast Index to search for podcasts . The download display of the app has been adjusted to show the categories Download, Partially Downloaded and Full Download . On systems running NetworkManager, Kasts can now check whether a chargeable connection is being used. In addition, the settings for the playback speed have been revised. A click on the button speed now opens a list which, among other things, allows the playback to be slowed down in stages.

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