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Proton already lets you run more than 7,000 Windows games on Linux

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Proton, a thousand more games. That is how much Proton has advanced from one year to this part. A little less, actually, since the previous news was published in April 2020. The bottom line, however, is that playing on Linux is an activity that is increasingly supported and although for the gamer of volume and spine it can not being enough, it is for the vast majority of mortals.


As you know, Proton is the name of the technical component of Steam Play, the compatibility layer that integrates the Steam client for Linux (and macOS) based on Wine that allows you to run Windows games on Linux. A component whose development has not stopped in the last couple of years and whose fruits more and more users can enjoy. The news this time is that the barrier of 7,000 titles has been surpassed.

Total Games and Platinum on ProtonDB
Total Games and Platinum on ProtonDB

The data is extracted from ProtonDB and we collect the news from Boiling Steam , where they follow this information promptly. As they say, each month around 100 new titles are usually added to the Proton ‘catalog’ with the highest quality label (Platinum), so it can be said that the growth is “healthy and constant”. In fact, of the new games coming out for Windows, less than 20% don’t even start.

In addition, these 7,000 games are those that have been reliably verified that they work at the required level, but there may be many more that work well and that because they have not attracted the attention of the Proton community, have not been added to the ready.

But not everything is pink, it is true : there are still problems with multiplayer and other games due to anti-cheat and DRM protections, depending on the technologies used in development they can work better or worse in Linux, as they can in in relation to available hardware… But if they told us this five years ago, not many would have believed it.

And if we add to this that native games continue to come out and that platforms streaming are emerging and you only need a browser to connect and play even with the most modest team -as long as the connection accompanies, of course- … We can summarize it in that the thing goes well . And this is just the beginning, because compatibility advances are not stopping either.

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