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Python Takes First Place in TIOBE Programming Languages ​​Ranking

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The October programming language popularity rating published by TIOBE Software noted the triumph of the Python programming language (11.27%), which in a year moved from third to first place, displacing the C (11.16%) and Java (10.46%) languages. The TIOBE Popularity Index draws its conclusions from the analysis of search query statistics from systems such as Google, Google Blogs, Yahoo !, Wikipedia, MSN, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and Baidu.

Compared to October last year, the ranking also shows an increase in the popularity of the Assembler languages ​​(rose from 17th to 10th place), Visual Basic (from 19th to 11th place), SQL (from 10th to 8th place), Go (from 14 to 12), MatLab (from 15 to 13), Fortran (from 37 to 18), Object Pascal (from 22 to 20), D (from 44 to 34), Lua (from 38 to 32). Perl declined in popularity (ranking dropped from 11 to 19), R (from 9 to 14), Ruby (from 13 to 16), PHP (from 8 to 9), Groovy (from 12 to 15), and Swift (from 16 to 17), Rust (from 25 to 26).

As for other estimates of the popularity of programming languages, according to the IEEE Spectrum ranking, Python also ranks first, Java second, C third and C ++ fourth. This is followed by JavaScript, C #, R, Go. The EEE Spectrum rating is prepared by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and takes into account a combination of 12 metrics from 10 different sources (the method is based on the evaluation of search results for the query “{language_name} programming”, analysis of Twitter mentions, the number of new and active repositories on GitHub, Stack Overflow questions, Reddit and Hacker News posts, CareerBuilder and Dice jobs, digital archive mentions of journal articles and conference talks).

In the October PYPL ranking , which uses Google Trends, the four leaders have not changed over the year: Python takes the first place, followed by Java, JavaScript, C #. C / C ++ moved up to 5th place, displacing PHP to 6th place.

In the RedMonk rating , based on the popularity assessment on GitHub and the activity of discussions on Stack Overflow, the top ten leaders are as follows: JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, C #, C ++, CSS, TypeScript, Ruby, C. Changes over the year marked a transition Python from third to second place.

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