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Q4OS 3.15 Release Download Based on Debian 10.10

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Q4OS 3.15 Release Download Based on Debian 10.10 .iso with LTS Support

The Q4OS team have announced a new release of the stable branch of their lightweight, Debian-based distribution. The Q4OS distribution is available in two editions, featuring the KDE Plasma and Trinity desktop environments. Q4OS 3.15 brings the distribution up to date with packages in Debian’s Stable branch. The release announcement states: “An update to Q4OS 3 Centaurus LTS has been released. The new 3.15 Series receives the recent Debian Buster 10.10 update, updated Debian stable kernel and important security and bug fixes. This update brings along a few Q4OS specific improvements, fixes and a cumulative upgrade covering all the changes from the previous stable Q4OS 3 Centaurus release. Current users only need to perform a regular update to get all the new features. Anyone is welcome to download installation media images from the Downloads section of the Q4OS website.”

Q4OS 3.15 Release Download .iso :

q4os-3.15-x64.r1.iso (931MB, MD5),

q4os-3.15-x64-tde.r1.iso (718MB, MD5).

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