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Red Hat Announces Upcoming Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

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red hat enterprise linux 9

The Red Hat Summit 2022 is being held these days and among the many novelties that the event is leaving behind, the announcement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is possibly the most prominent of them, given the importance of the system, as well as in the organizational chart of corporate Linux from which a few distributions derive, as the basis of the company’s own solution offering.

The new version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) includes not only what has been accumulated over the last few years, but also many novelties from a new batch of which we already had a first glimpse last November, when the RHEL 9 beta was announced, just before RHEL 8.5 was released. A previous release so that the most adventurous users, but also the most interested, prepare themselves in time for the upcoming changes.

All in all, it is now that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is announced, although the final release won’t be for a few weeks. It will be then when we give due account of everything that this version brings. Meanwhile, it should be remembered that Fedora 36 was released yesterday, although it was no more than a friendly coincidence, since the Red Hat community distribution, which should have been released last week, was late.

A foundational novelty of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 includes that it will be the first version based on CentOS Stream, and not one from which the old CentOS derives, which no longer exists as such, although it has been replaced by various projects of a community nature and not so communal, there is everything. In any case, there should not be a substantial difference with what is already known, neither in terms of stability, nor in development times.

With regard to the constant news of RHEL 9 as a system, this version focuses on meeting the needs of data centers, cloud infrastructures and, especially, on improving the capabilities of the multi-cloud and the edge computingintroducing improvements on all fronts: in container management with Podman, IMA integration, live kernel patching via web from Cockpit, improved security and performance…

In the official announcement of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, more details are given about this new version of the system, whose launch and update proposal are expected to be available in a few weeks, with no specific date set at the moment. However, those who want to try it already have the previous version or CentOS Stream at their disposal, of which it must be remembered that it works as a continuous update or rolling release.

A piece of news on the sidelines of RHEL 9 that Red Hat Summit has also brought is the announcement of Red Hat In-Vehicle (RHIVOS), the operating system for vehicles developed by the company (based on RHEL), as well as the first partner that joins it to carry out the project, is less than the American automotive giant General Motors.

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