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Red hat Enterprises Linux 9 Beta Available to Download and Test

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Red hat Enterprises Linux 9 Beta Available to Download and Test, Red Hat has announced the availability of a new development release, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta. The new development release is built from CentOS Stream. It finishes the migration from Python 2 to Python 3.

The new beta also offers smaller binaries due to link time optimization. “Link Time Optimization (LTO) is enabled in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, and the system comes with a number of packages that are built with it. As a result, applications have smaller and faster binaries and allow deeper inspection of source code at compile time. This can improve GCC diagnostics for potential coding errors, such as One Definition Rule (ODR) violations. Go 1.16 brings support for the new embed package, enabling developers to bundle supporting data files into their Go programs and simplify developing with Go. With Go 1.16, modules are enabled by default making language dependencies easier to manage. Additionally, there are also several other improvements and performance optimizations. With the latest LLVM 12 toolset, developers can take advantage of fresher tooling, and compatibility with other code built with compatible versions of LLVM/Clang.” Additional information is available in the company’s release announcement and in the release notes. The new beta release is available through the Red Hat customer portal.

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