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Red Hat will officially support EPEL in the future

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As CentOS blog can be seen in the , Red Hat officially wants to upgrade the EPEL repository, which has been maintained since 2007, with a small team of full-time supervisors. The community-based special interest group EPEL SIG is not to be replaced, but supplemented. So far, Red Hat or the Fedora Project have not given any guarantees, support or certifications for EPEL packages, as is usual for packages in the official RHEL repository. This could change now.

What is EPEL

EPEL stands for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux packages and is a Fedora Special Interest Group that a large number creates, maintains and manages of over 3,000 additional that are not included in RHEL. including. The packages are available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, and Oracle Linux (OL), but are not limited to these. EPEL packages are typically based on their Fedora counterparts. EPEL uses a large part of the same infrastructure as Fedora, including the build system, Bugzilla instance, update manager, mirror manager and more. EPEL Next has recently been launched, whose packages, unlike EPEL, are built against CentOS Stream and not against RHEL.

CentOS Stream 9 Daily Build Available to Download With GNOME 40.1

The history

The EPEL project came about when the Fedora maintainers realized that the same infrastructure that creates and maintains packages for Fedora would also be great for managing add-on packages for Enterprise Linux. Much of the initial need arose from the requirements for the Fedora infrastructure on the RHEL machines on which Fedora was built and maintained. This has resulted in a large collection of different packages.

The team

The new team is being formed and is expected to start work in October. It is subordinated to the Community Platform Engineering Group for short, CPR, the Red Hat team that unites IT and release engineering from Fedora and CentOS.


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  2. Adam Miller Reply

    I think there’s a typo. Community Platform Engineering is CPE for short and not CPR.

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